GABA phantom recipe

I am going to port some of the key posts off the old blog, starting with this...

It seems that there is some value in a standardized 10 mM GABA phantom for cross-platform testing etc... This recipe is also a reasonable place to start if you want a 'will-work-without-much-thought' option.  Everything is available form Sigma Aldrich.

  • Container: 1 liter Nalgene bottle style 2125
  • Buffer: One PBS sachet P5368
  • GABA: 1.03 g (RMM 103.1) A2129 

Make up to 1 liter with deionized water.  pH can be adjusted using NaOH/HCl (but to a first approximation does not need to be).

It might also be worth adding 0.75g of Glycine, which gives a singlet that doesn't overlap with any GABA signals. That would give an internal 10 mM standard that is useful in some situations for referencing.