Hackathon Live Update Stream

Non-Live webcam feed!

Non-Live webcam feed!

455PM: A quick summary: We haven't come up with a method that makes things better. BUT, we have learned several important things:

1. NAA-based correction can do a lot to clean up the GSH-diff spectrum. 

2. Metrics matter.  By taken a mean 'quality score', we shot ourselves in the foot. We will reassess all data based on median, and maybe normalized by the group average SD subtraction artifacts, not within-subject... 

255PM: Bumped out of the large conference room.

1239PM: In terms of actual progress. We have tested 6 methods. None of them do very well. Onwards and upwards!

1200PM: Pizza arrives as ably planned by Mark (picking up from the organizational travesty that was Nick's lunch arrangement).  

933AM: Donutgate: the number of declared donuts doesn't match the number of eats donuts.

930AM: Donut scores: Georg 2 Nick 2 Richard 2 Ashley 1 Muhammad 0 Tao 1 Kim 1 Mark 1

922AM: Nick just left the room. Minus 70 Edden points.

920: Pretend to set up a live webcam feed.

905AM: Preliminary chat over.  Repositories forked and coding has begun. 

840AM: Skype to Jamie Near in Canada.

755AM: Room setup. Do we have enough extension leads? 

730AM: Dunkin' Donuts stop for fuel.

559AM: I remembered to grab my charged-overnight laptop on the way out of the house. A good start.