Provisional EDITINGSCHOOL schedule

Day 0 (Dec 3)

     Check-in, Opening Receptiopn/ Meet-the-Faculty

Day 1 (Dec 4)

     The MR Spectrum – Richard Edden

     Evolution of Spin Systems – Richard Edden


     The editable metabolites – Ashley Harris

     J-difference editing explained– Georg Oeltzschner

     Quantification – Paul Mullins

     Simulations and Data handling with FID-A – Jamie Near

Day 2 (Dec 5)

     Practicalities of Acquisition  - Nick Puts

     Practicalities of Acquisition  II - TBC


     Editable Metabolites in Psychiatric Disease – Laura Rowland

     Advanced Editing Methods – Richard Edden

     (MRS-relevant neurochemistry of GABA - TBC)

     Data Processing with Gannet – Mark Mikkelsen 

Day 3 (Dec 6)

   Morning Career Breakouts: maximizing your postdoc; early-career challenges; TBC.