Gannet 3.1 released

Introducing Gannet 3.1! This new version includes a number of updates and bug fixes. Notable additions include a new frequency-and-phase correction algorithm (robust spectral registration) and functionality for EtOH/GABA/GSH HERMES data.

Gannet 3.1 is available for immediate download at the following link:

Release notes:


  • Adopted semantic versioning (see

  • Aesthetic changes to PDF outputs throughout

  • Add functionality for processing and fitting of EtOH/GABA/GSH HERMES data

  • Introduced Robust_Spectral_Registration.m: robust correction of frequency/phase errors (recommended and default for all acquisition types)

  • If using Robust_Spectral_Registration.m, sub-spectra are averaged using weighted averaging; outlier removal is not applied in this case

  • nlinfit will no longer throw an error if peak model fitting is poor

  • GannetQuantify.m corrects metabolite measurements for partial tissue volume effects using the Gasparovic et al., 2006 (MRM) method; the Harris et al., 2015 (JMRI) method (alpha correction) is still also applied


  • Averaged HERMES sub-spectra are saved in MRS_struct.spec

  • HSVD water removal can be applied to all MEGA-PRESS and HERMES data (on by default)

  • Improved optimization parameters for frequency/phase alignment and peak model fitting

  • Turned off ignorable warnings that sometimes occur during peak model fitting in GannetFit.m

  • Fixed bugs in GannetMask_GE.m

  • Tissue fractions saved in MRS_struct.out renamed to fGM, fWM and fCSF

  • Text font in PDF outputs changed to Arial for cross-OS compatibility

  • More appropriate SNR thresholding in Spectral_Registration.m/Spectral_Registration_HERMES.m/Robust_Spectral_Registration.m