Georg Oeltzschner, PhD

I was born and raised in the Rhineland, Germany, where I obtained a degree in Physics from Heinrich Heine University in Düsseldorf. My PhD studies were undertaken under the supervision of Prof. Alfons Schnitzler at the University Hospital Düsseldorf, where I was a member of the Institute of Clinical Neuroscience and Medical Psychology and the Department of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology. My research there was dedicated to the investigation of pathophysiological mechanisms of hepatic encephalopathy using several MRI techniques, including J-difference edited MR spectroscopy of GABA, quantitative brain water content imaging, and resting state fMRI. In January 2016, I took a postdoctoral research fellow position at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine in the group of Richard Edden, where I work on developing advanced MRS methods and applying them to investigate function and pathology of the human brain. I further provide development and support for the Gannet software, in particular for Siemens data.